An informal social gathering often organized by a group sharing a common ground.




An establishment that specializes in selling a wide variety of beers and wine. (often used for humorously formal effect).



The Commons is a taproom where the patron pours their own beverage. It is a social gathering space located just south of downtown with over 20 beers on tap and a small selection of wine.

We created this common space to share with our community. As 3rd, 4th and 5th generation Chico locals we felt it was important to give back to where we came from. Providing, not only a recreational establishment, but a unique experience – a social empourium.


At The Commons you are in control of your own pour. Whether it’s a taster, a half glass or a full pint it’s easy to find your favorite beer. Each tap has a screen describing what you’ll be tasting. Top off your glass and gather around for a friendly conversation at our community tables or venture outside for games on our dog-friendly patio.


The commons are the cultural and natural resources accessible to all members of a society. This includes natural materials such as air, water and the habitable earth. These resources are held in common, we share them and they are not to be owned privately.




Byron Hetherton

CFO/Co-Founder/Owner/Beer Curator

Byron is a 3rd generation Chico local, his family moved from the Bay Area in 1968 and fell in love with the Chico community immediately. Byron Sr. moved on to become Assistant Branch Manager at First Interstate Bank downtown and was responsible for originating and funding small business loans to local entrepreneurs in the community. Furthermore, Byron’s Grandfather taught in the Religious Studies Department at Chico State from 1968-1999 with Byron’s parents and Byron himself graduating from Chico State respectively. This history and experience has, inspired him to create a concept that is both revolutionary and unique to Chico, while giving back to the community he loves greatly.


Garth Archibald

COO/Co-Founder/Owner/General Manager

Garth is a 4th Generation Chico local who grew up surrounded by very entrepreneurial family members. Immediately after graduating from college, Garth signed his first professional soccer contract. Following his move to San Diego to play, his entrepreneurial career started in the medical device sales space. After multiple years of successful business, in 2016, Garth decided that moving back to Chico to enjoy life with his close friends and family was in his best interests. Garth has personally seen this self-serve concept thrive in multiple communities and he is beyond ready to bring such a cutting-edge business to the city he holds so close to heart.


Jesse Grigg

CEO/Co-Founder/Owner/Project Manager

Jesse is a 5th Generation Chico local, his ancestors settling here around the same time as the Bidwell’s. He played semi-pro soccer on the local Chico Rooks when in operation and now operates his own construction company & fabrication company bringing an artistic design to many other local establishments throughout downtown Chico. Jesse is passionate about design, highlighting local materials, and his fine eye for detail; seen through his fabrication business, 5th Gen Fab. Jesse’s unique and rich family history inspires him to continue contributing to the development of Chico’s offering in modern times. He is eager & excited to bring a revolutionary new concept to Chico’s evolving industrial zone.


From live music, parties, trivia, painting classes to yoga you can find it at The Commons.